We all love fancy tools, right?

There are so many tools out there to help us be productive, manage our time efficiently and automate our business wherever possible. And these tools are great and really help us get things done. But often they’re not the best to help us stay focused.

Imagine the following:

While you’re working on something (e.g., writing a sales page) an idea or to-do pops up (e.g., make an appointment with my accountant yell). You either call your accountant immediately or you open your to-do list tool and put it in there.

Both actions get you out of the flow of writing your sales page. When you’re back at it a few minutes later, your brain needs some time to get back into the groove.

That’s were my favorite tool comes in:

A simple paper notepad

Yes – you heard me right. Petra – lover of all things digital – loves using a paper notepad.

(BTW: I also prefer actual books over audiobooks.)

And that’s why:

I have my notepad right next to my computer on my desk. Whenever something pops up in my head, I jot it down and don’t think about it anymore. When I’m done with whatever I’m doing or during my Shutdown Ritual I grab my notepad, look at the notes I made and put them wherever they belong.

So I can stay focused on what I do and don’t miss out on an idea or to-do! WinWin

Give it a try!


Another great tool to stay clear and focused is a brain dump. If you haven’t already click the button below to download my FREE guide “From distracted and confused to clear and focused”. I created this guide to help girl bosses to ditch overwhelm and get back clarity and focus.

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5 Day Digital Declutter Challenge

When was the last time you saw the picture of this beautiful beach on your desktop background? Can you enjoy the view, or is it hidden behind a countless amount of files and folders?

How do you feel when you scroll through your Instagram and Facebook feed? Inspired? Motivated? Or discouraged and unfulfilled?

What about your bookmarks? How long does it take you to find what you’re looking for? Do you actually know what you’ve saved there?

These all are examples of digital clutter. We can’t see it. But it’s there. And it affects us just like physical clutter.


All-in-One Social Media Planner


When you want to start an online business, you better be on social media, right?

But how to keep up with everything we have to do???

You have to post content on different platforms.

You have to engage with your audience.

And you better plan in advance so that you don’t sit in front of your laptop every day desperately thinking about what you should post or do.


from distracted and confused to clear and focused


You’re working on something, ready to get things done but you’re constantly distracted by random upcoming thoughts like “I should really back up my website.”

All you really want is to get in a few hours of focused work but … sorry … but it just occurred to me that I have to renew my gym membership … I’ll be back … ok, where was I???

Sounds familiar? Then this one is for you!



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