Staying on top of everything social media can be a lil bit overwhelming, right?

There is so much to do, plan and keep track of.

What should I post when and where?

• How can I keep track of all the things I should do on each platform?

• And are all my efforts paying off?

You have to plan your content for all the different platforms. There are a bunch of different daily and / or weekly to-dos for each of these platforms. You should engage with your audience and also keep track of your followers to see if your efforts are paying off.

Sounds pretty overwhelming, right? I know it does!

But I have your back, girl!

I created this “All-in-One Social Media Spreadsheet” for you

• It helps you to get a clear overview of what to post when and where. You even can plan your content weeks in advance.

• You have a compact social media to-do list for each platform in one place.

• And you can track your followers and engagement to see if all your efforts are paying off.

I’m sure it will help you a ton to stay on top of all things social media!

Here’s everything you get with your “All-in-one social media spreadsheet”

Social Media Content Calendar
Get an exact overview of what to post where and when. Even weeks in advance.

Social Media To-Dos
All your daily social media to-dos in one place.

Posting Ideas
40 simple posting ideas to help you when you don’t know what to write about.

Follower Tracker
Keep track of your followers on the different platforms to see if your efforts are paying off.

Instagram Engagement Calculation
A simple tool to calculate your engagement on Instagram.

Wanna see what you get?

Watch here:


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