Have you ever looked at your to-do list and got completely overwhelmed?

Have you ever procrastinated on a to-do because it just seemed to be “too much”?

I feel ya, girl! I’ve been there as well.

Until I realized what was wrong with my to-dos. The things on my list weren’t to-dos but projects.

A to-do should be something you can complete with one action step.

Let me explain:

When you have “create freebie” on your list, this can be pretty overwhelming, right?

That’s because “create freebie” is not something that you can do with just one action step. It needs way more than that.

So if you put “create freebie” on your list, your brain is confused and doesn’t know where to start. Which often leads to procrastination.

If you put something on your to-do list ask yourself if this is achievable with just one action step? If not – break it down. And then break everything down even more until you’ve identified every single step.

So from “create freebie” we get to

  • come up with freebie idea
  • write draft
  • design freebie in powerpoint
  • choose a picture to use with this freebie
  • create landing page
  • and so on

I know that there are way more things to do and that these steps can be broken down even more, but you get the idea.

Having these single action steps on your to-do list makes it much more achievable and less overwhelming.