Get Your Shit Together Days

Get Your Shit Together Days Can I tell you a lil secret?⠀ Although I'm a productivity and organization specialist, I don't always have my shit together. 😆⠀ Life happens, and it's not always possible to keep up with everything we should do. Your desk is a mess, your...

Start your day the night before

I'm sure you've already heard this: "Start your day the night before." But what does this actually mean? If you want to have a productive day and get things done, it's essential to have a clear outline of what you want to do this day. When you start thinking about...

All-in-One Social Media Spreadsheet

Staying on top of everything social media can be a lil bit overwhelming, right? There is so much to do, plan and keep track of. • What should I post when and where? • How can I keep track of all the things I should do on each platform? • And are all my efforts paying...

Crowded space – Crowded mind?!

Do you know the saying "Crowded space - Crowded mind"? I'm sure you know these days where your productivity and motivation are a lil bit low for some reason. You just can't concentrate on your work. We all have days like this and it often makes us feel guilty because...

Are you overwhelmed by your to-do list?

Have you ever looked at your to-do list and got completely overwhelmed? Have you ever procrastinated on a to-do because it just seemed to be "too much"? I feel ya, girl! I've been there as well. Until I realized what was wrong with my to-dos. The things on my list...

A simple tool to help you stay focused

We all love fancy tools, right? There are so many tools out there to help us be productive, manage our time efficiently and automate our business wherever possible. And these tools are great and really help us get things done. But often they're not the best to help us...

Are you an Information Hoarder?

This is for all my information hoarders out there If you're anything like me, you love collecting information and download every freebie that comes your way. * A freebie about the perfect Instagram bio - Sign me up! * A freebie about increasing your social media...

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Staying on top of everything social media can be a lil bit overwhelming, right? You have to plan your content for all the different platforms. There are a bunch of different to-dos for each of these platforms. You should engage with your audience and also keep track of your followers to see if your efforts are paying off. That's why I created this "All-in-One Social Media Spreadsheet" It helps you to get a clear overview of what to post when and where. You even can plan your content weeks in advance. #productivity #socialmedia #organization #spreadsheet #socialmediatodos #allinone

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