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Petra Steinacher

You’ve probably found your way here because


You would love to wake up in the morning and be excited about all the amazing things you’ve planned for the day.

You would love to have a clear plan about what to do to get where you wanna be.

You would love to have enough time to do all the things you enjoy doing. Like: Yoga, sitting in the sun and reading a book, preparing a nourishing meal, and so on – Yes, I know you love your business and helping your clients, but there are other things in life as well, right?

You would love to do all these things without feeling guilty for taking time off, without the feeling that you don’t deserve to rest because you haven’t done enough.

You would love to end your workday with a feeling of accomplishment.

Basically, you would love to feel like you have your shit together, work towards building the business of your dreams and enjoy life along the way.

But your reality is more like


You wake up in the morning and already feel overwhelmed when you think about everything that’s on your to-do list.

You gulp down your lunch at your desk while you’re working.

You cancel your Yoga class (again) because you can’t make time for it.

You feel frustrated when you stop working in the evening because you didn’t get half of your to-dos done.

You’d love to Netflix and chill, but there’s this nagging voice in the back of your head telling you that you haven’t done enough.

I know exactly how you feel


And I want you to know that this doesn’t have to be your reality anymore.

With the right strategies and tools, you can work less but get more done.

I know that this can feel a bit overwhelming and scary. You already have a lot on your plate.

That’s why you’re reading this page, right?

And yes, it will take some time and effort, but it’s so worth it in the long run.

Maybe you’ve already tried to implement some of the tips you’ve found online and it wasn’t working for you.

That’s why you need guidance along the way. Someone to help you find out what works for you and to hold you accountable.

Petra Steinacher

Let me introduce you to my 1:1 coaching

A private coaching experience tailored to your needs and your goals.

Yes, it is possible for you as well


✓ It is possible for you to end your workday with a feeling of accomplishment.

✓ It is possible for you to enjoy guilt-free time off.

✓ It is possible for you to work less but DO more.

✓ It is possible for you to feel like you have your shit together.


And I’d love to help you get there.


Petra has helped me so much by automating my business and by creating a structure for me and my team that makes sure we’re always on top of things.

Her strategies and processes are saving me countless hours each week and even more headaches.

Carla Biesinger

Business Mentor


The coaching with Petra helped me a lot!

As I am setting up two businesses at the same time, time planning was particularly difficult for me. And as a result, productivity also suffered.

We optimized my schedule and workflows. Also, we adapted a task management system to my individual needs. And we have already been working on a CRM system and the automation of some processes for the future.

I am super happy and grateful that Petra accompanied me and helped me so much!

Wendy Stephan

Photographer & Financial Advisor

This is about you


This is not a one size fits all type of program. My coaching is tailored to you and your needs.

When it comes to being productive, everyone’s struggles are different.

That’s why we start with an assessment of YOUR current situation. We will talk about YOUR struggles and what YOU need help with.

From there, we’ll develop the goals for our time together.

The overall goal is to develop personalized energy-, time- and task management strategies so that you can work towards your goals and enjoy life along the way.


Prior to working with Petra, I struggled with getting organized with my time during the workday. I found myself doing a bunch of tasks scattered throughout the day which caused me to not be as productive as I could be. I would find myself constantly getting distracted and felt like I was frequently wasting time. This was very frustrating to me because in general, I identify myself as a very efficient and productive person.

Now I feel so much better about how to structure my workday, week, and month overall. It’s been really helpful to schedule in which days I plan to batch certain types of work so that I’m able to focus 100% on the given task at hand. I’m looking forward to getting ahead in my content creation instead of constantly feeling behind. Looking forward to implementing the tips Petra suggested!

Petra provided a lot of great tips to become more productive during the workday while also focussing on the specific questions I asked which I really appreciated.

Brittany R.

Crohns + Colitis Nutritionist

Here are the details:

  • KICK-OFF CALL: We start with a kick-off call where we’ll assess your current situation and define the goals of our time together.
  • WRAP-UP CALL: The coaching ends with a wrap-up call and a final assessment.
  • WEEKLY CHECK-IN: You’ll receive a weekly check-in questionnaire to help you reflect on your week and stay on track with your goals.
  • ONGOING SUPPORT: In between calls, you have access to me via Voxer.
  • PRODUCTIVITY HUB: You’ll get free access to the Productivity Hub. This is an exclusive resources library for my 1:1 clients. Here you can find all different kinds of resources (webinars, workshops, guides, checklists, and so on).

Your Investment

We will discuss which timeframe is best for you on our discovery call.

4 Weeks – USD 500

6 Weeks – USD 750

8 Weeks – USD 1,000

12 Weeks – USD 1,500

If you feel like this program is what you need or if you want to chat more about it, here are your next steps:

Step 1 - Book your Discovery Call

Click the button below to book your discovery call.


Step 2 - Fill out the short questionnaire

Once you’ve chosen your time, fill out the short questionnaire.

Step 3 - Let's chat

The Discovery Call is meant for us to get to know each other and to see if it’s a good fit for both of us.

This will be a casual chat and not a sales call. I don’t believe in sleazy sales tactics and handling objections. I know that you are capable of making the right decision for you yourself.


I had issues with organizing my client’s e-mails/ scheduling and pdfs leading up to their appointments. I needed something to make it easier without having every step in the back of my head all the time. It made me lose focus and concentration and forget tasks at hand.

Petra gave me an insight into her organization and recommended online tools that would handle exactly what I was struggling with in the first place.

After carefully looking through all the different options, I chose one that made most sense for what I needed. I’m very happy I got to be organized without losing time.

Now that I got to create self-sufficient workflows, my business routine is so much faster, easier and makes my organization so much easier. My clients love it too, as everything is dealt with easily online now.

Thank you so much for making this possible for me and opening my eyes to a whole new system I never knew about.

Isis Zrost


Are you ready to leave behind

✖️ Starting your workday already overwhelmed with everything you have to do.

✖️ Being frustrated with yourself for not getting things done.

✖️ Hustling all the time without actually achieving something.

✖️ Feeling guilty when you take time off.

And create a new reality

✓ Having a clear and achievable plan of what you have to do.

✓ Ending your workday feeling accomplished and on top of things.

Working less but getting more done.

Enjoying guilt-free time off.


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Carla Biesinger – Business Mentor

Carla set up an online scheduler for clients to book a call with her, which saves her an incredible amount of time.

She also tweaked her weekly schedule and is now more productive and has more time for fun and creative tasks.

Productivity and planning – tough topic – at least for me! Who is feeling like that sometimes? 🙋🏻‍♀️

Let’s go into the new week and the new month!
How about you there? Are you completely structured in the matter? Do you plan your monthly goals and tasks in advance? 👩🏻‍💻

Meanwhile, I do it. Thanks to @petra.steinacher, it is not that difficult anymore and it is getting easier from month to month. In the beginning, I was really overwhelmed with it. In general, in terms of my schedule, since I’ve been completely self-employed. It’s a tough change.

Even if you sometimes find it difficult to get into productivity, be organized, get everything under one roof, or don’t know how to properly start to clear the chaos. I can only recommend Petra’s site and her coaching sessions. She helped me a lot! ⭐️

A big thank you to you, dear Petra 🙏🏻

(Advertising – unpaid and with full conviction!)

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