Get Your Shit Together Days

Can I tell you a lil secret?⠀

Although I’m a productivity and organization specialist, I don’t always have my shit together. 😆⠀

Life happens, and it’s not always possible to keep up with everything we should do. Your desk is a mess, your download folder is full of things you can’t even remember downloading, and your inbox 😳😳😳⠀

That’s why I love a proper GYST day (aka Get Your Shit Together).

A whole day dedicated to getting back control over your life and biz.⠀

Last week I had such a day and let me tell you – the feeling when you’re done is AMAZING. ⠀

When everything is filed and on its place.

When your to-do list and your projects are up to date. ⠀

When your inbox is empty, and everything is scheduled.⠀

I really love a proper GYST day, and I think we all should schedule one every once in a while. It’s like a fresh start and gives you back control over your biz and life. 💪⠀

Here are a few things that you can do on a GYST day: ⠀

* Emails: get your inbox to zero or at least get clear about every email in there

* Clear out your download folder

* Clear out your desktop

* Backup your computer

* Backup and sync your phone

* Website service: update your theme and plugins

* Sync Google Drive

* Clear out your loose papers

* Tidy up your workspace

* Declutter your workspace

* Revisit your projects and to-do list – is everything up to date, anything to add or remove?


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