How to finally start taking action!

You have planned everything you wanna do.

You sit down with the best intention to get things done.

But for some reason, you just don’t start and take action.

Sounds familiar?


Then today’s tips are for you!


Focus on the simples next action step

Having a massive amount of to-dos in front of you can be really overwhelming, and stopping you from taking action. Instead of looking at all these tasks, focus on just one thing. One simple action step you can do.


Clear the clutter

Having a clean and clear workspace will make it way easier for you to take action.


Closeout distractions

If something is distracting you, you don’t take action.
And here I not only mean all these notifications that pop up from your inbox, social media, messages, and so on.
I also mean things like the broken drawer of your office desk or the full storage space of your computer. Fix that stuff!


Plan in advance

Be clear about what needs to be done. How can you take action when you have no idea what you actually have to do? Every evening make a plan on what needs to be done the next day.


Done is better than perfect

We often don’t take action because we’re afraid that the outcome isn’t perfect. But perfection doesn’t exist! Remember: Good enough is good enough.


Review your progress

Do you know that feeling when you’ve worked all day, and at the end of the day, you have no idea what you’ve actually achieved?
Keep a notepad by your side, and write down all the things you do all day long. You’ll notice that you actually get quite a lot done. This list will inspire you to take further action.

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How To Finally Start Taking Action
How To Finally Start Taking Action
How To Finally Start Taking Action
How To Finally Start Taking Action