Task management – How to handle incoming tasks

What the heck – does this never stop?

New emails are coming in, new ideas and to-dos are coming up, someone wants you to do something, …

You’re constantly distracted, and it’s hard for you to focus because of all these to-dos coming up all day and you ask yourself:


How to handle all these incoming tasks?

Well lovely, if this is you keep reading …

First, set up inboxes.

There are different types of inboxes you’ll need:

• Physical inbox: for all your paper stuff

• Notepad: if you like to jot things down on paper

• Digital inbox: note-taking app; if you’re more a digital person

• Email inbox

Whenever something comes in or comes up, put it in an inbox.

For example:

• Emails – easy, they are already in your inbox

• Paper invoice – physical inbox

• An idea comes up – notepad or note-taking app

• A to-do comes up – notepad or note-taking app


At the end of your workday take 15 minutes to go through your inboxes

Include this in your daily Shutdown Ritual!

Have a look at each item in there and ask yourself:

Is there an action required?

If your answer is NO

• Trash (these ones are the best ;-))

• Reference material – file it

• Someday / maybe list – if you want to come back to it later

If your answer is YES, ask yourself: What is the next thing I have to do?

• When it takes less than 2 minutes – DO IT!!!

• When it takes longer than 2 minutes – put it on your to-do list (if it’s just one step) or project management tool (if there are more steps). Check out this blog post to learn more about the difference between to-dos and projects!

Don’t be too strict with the 2 minutes rule. But you get the idea – if it’s quickly done – DO IT!


This simple and easy system helps you getting control over all your incoming tasks and to-dos!

Give it a try and let me know what you think in the comments below.

* This system is partly from David Allen’s book “Getting Things Done”.

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When was the last time you saw the picture of this beautiful beach on your desktop background? Can you enjoy the view, or is it hidden behind a countless amount of files and folders?

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What about your bookmarks? How long does it take you to find what you’re looking for? Do you actually know what you’ve saved there?

These all are examples of digital clutter. We can’t see it. But it’s there. And it affects us just like physical clutter.


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