My mother called me and now my schedule is all over the place! 

Sounds familiar?

You’ve accurately planned your day.
You’re ready to get things done.
But then something unexpected comes up or a task takes longer than expected and now you’re behind and your schedule is all over the place.

You can’t avoid these things but you can be prepared:

By planning catch up time into your schedule.


How To Make Time For Unexpected Upcoming Tasks



Schedule in 30 minutes of catch up time at the end of your workday.



Schedule 2-3 hours on Thursday or Friday to catch up with everything you didn’t get to during the week.



Schedule GYST Days! (aka Get Your Shit Together)
Even when we do our best, life happens, and it’s not always possible to keep up with everything. That’s why I love to schedule in GYST days every other month to properly get my shit together.


free gyst day guide

I’ve created a FREE GYST Day Guide for service-based entrepreneurs who want to get back control about what’s going on in their business and life.

Bonus tip:

Just because a new task comes up doesn’t mean that you have to deal with it immediately. Write it down and get back to it in your wiggle room time.


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