When you have a blog, you need a lot of pictures. Most of this pictures will be stock photos, but you also need pictures of yourself (for your about page, sidebar or social media). When you’re just starting out you probably don’t have the money for a professional photoshoot. I didn’t. But I also didn’t want to use selfies because I want my blog to look professional. So I asked a friend to do a blog photoshoot with me. It was a fun experience and I got some really great pictures.


How to make your first DIY blog photoshoot #photoshoot #blog #free #checklist #freebie


The preparation


What should you prepare or do before the photoshoot?


The photographer

Find someone with photography skills who has a good camera. This might be your significant other, your parents, a good friend. Take someone you trust and feel comfortable with.

The inspiration

Search for inspiration for your photoshoot. What pictures do you want to take (standing, sitting, walking down the stairs, angles, position, props, close-ups, headshots, …)? Make a (secret) Pinterest board or folder on your phone where you collect these pictures. 

The location

Find a location for your shoot. Keep in mind that the location (background for your pictures) should fit your branding. For example: If your brand colors are grey and white and you go for a cool vibe don’t choose a park with lots of greens or a house with red bricks. Find a building or place with white walls and steel. Walk around and take pictures of your favorite backgrounds so that you don’t forget them.

You want to get a variety of different pictures from this shoot so choose a location with multiple background options. Great are stairs, tables, or a bench – they give you a lot of options.

Ideally, there’s also a place where you can change your cloth.

The cloth

Decide what you want to wear for your shoot. Choose a few different outfits to get a bunch of different pictures. Also think of accessories (bags, shoes, jewelry, hat, …). The outfits should fit your branding (style, color, …) and make you feel amazing. Remember – you don’t always have to change the whole outfit. Simply putting on a jacket or hat can create a whole new look.

The props

Decide which props you want to use (book, coffee cup, journal, pens, phone, etc.)

The equipment

Make sure you have all your equipment ready: camera, fully charged batteries, memory card with enough storage space

The weather

Check the weather forecast and choose a sunny day. You don’t want to shoot on a cloudy or rainy day.

The day and time

I’d suggest making your photoshoot early in the morning on Saturday or Sunday. You are fresh and relaxed and the sunlight is not too harsh. And chances are that there are not so many people around.

How to make your first DIY blog photoshoot #photoshoot #blog #free #checklist #freebie


The photoshoot


It’s the day! It’s YOUR day! Don’t forget – you are the star of the show today. Get yourself ready. Take a shower, do your hair, do your makeup, jump in your first outfit. Do whatever makes you feel fantastic!

Here are a few things I learned from my first photoshoot:

  • Prepare everything you need the day before. 
  • Use a bag with wheels/trolley for your stuff – it will be heavy. 
  • Don’t get distracted when there are people around. They usually just have a look and then walk on. 
  • The shoot will take a couple of hours so have enough water and snacks with you. 
  • Keep moving while the pictures are taken. So they will look much more natural. Of course, there will be a lot of photos you can’t use, but you’ll be surprised how many good ones you get. 
  • Play around with your props. 
  • Check your inspirational pictures for poses to try. 
  • Take a lot of pictures. 
  • Laugh and have fun!


The post-production


Go through your pictures and delete the ones, you don’t like. But don’t be too strict. Often you don’t like the look of your face in a picture, but you love how you hold a cup in your hands. So use this particular section. Edit the ones you want to use and store them in a folder, so you have them ready when you need them.

One last thing – this is a DIY blog photoshoot, so don’t expect the pictures to look like professional ones. You’re just starting. This was your first try. You’ll learn from every shoot and do better at the next one.


How to make your first DIY blog photoshoot #photoshoot #blog #free #checklist #freebie

Click on the image below to download your FREE blog photoshoot checklist.


How to make your first DIY blog photoshoot #photoshoot #blog #free #checklist #freebie


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