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One of the biggest reasons people are often overwhelmed by their to-do list is that they put projects on their list and not tasks.

Task: Something you can complete with one action step (e.g., make doctors appointment

Project: Something that needs more than one action step to be completed (e.g., create freebie)

It takes dozens of action steps to get from the idea of “I want to create a freebie” to actually launching it.

  • market research
  • what freebie to create
  • brainstorming
  • the creation (writing, design, layout, …)
  • all the backend stuff
  • email sequences

just to name a few


Having something on your to-do list like “create freebie “can be overwhelming.

It can make you feel like, “Ahhh – I don’t want to do that,” and you procrastinate.

Breaking it down into single action steps makes it so much more doable and way less overwhelming:

To-Do List for today

  • freebie


To-Do List for today

  • brainstorm freebie ideas
  • market research – do poll on Instagram
  • write the first draft of the welcome sequence


Another big advantage of this is that you can actually tick things off your to-do list.

Something like “freebie” you’ll probably move from one day to another for weeks.

You will also have a more realistic view of what you get done in a day and a feeling of accomplishment.


Before you start a new project, break it down into single-action steps and put these steps on your to-do list.

It’s ok if you can’t think of everything upfront. You can add as you go.


If this project is something you do more than once, make yourself a checklist or template so that you don’t have to think of every action step again the next time.

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