In this blog post, we are talking about how you can stop perfectionism affecting your productivity so that you can start getting things done and crush your goals.


I want to start with a few practical examples of how perfectionism can show up for online entrepreneurs.


  • If you feel like things take you way too long, ask yourself if this your perfectionism holding you back.
  • You don’t start a project you’d love to do. For example: I’d love to start a podcast but I don’t have a good microphone.
  • I can’t record an Instagram story today because my hair is a mess.
  • I can’t do a masterclass because I can’t find the perfect templates for the slides.

I’m sure that you can relate to some of these points, right?

Being Professional vs. Perfectionism

As a business owner, you want to make sure that you are professional. That your website, content, freebies, and everything you put out there are of high quality.

There’s nothing wrong with that.

You want to be seen as a “real” business.

But there’s a difference between being professional and perfectionism.

The picture below gives you a few examples of what’s professional and what’s perfectionism.

How To Stop Perfectionism Affecting Your Productivity




One of the biggest reasons why we strive for perfectionism is because we compare ourselves to others. This can lead to being very critical of our own work. Nothing ever seems to be good enough.



We often compare ourselves to people in our industry who are far more ahead on the journey than we are. But you have to realize that you can’t compare your step 3 to someone’s step 10. If you’ve just started your business, you can’t compare yourself to someone who’s in the game for 10 years.

A great thing you can do to put this in perspective is to look at old content from people you look up to. You’ll see that their first YouTube videos and their first Instagram posts or IGTVs weren’t nearly as “perfect” as they are now.


A word on social media

Always remember that people only share their highlights on social media. Nobody talks about the failed launches, the fears and the tears. Don’t compare your day to day life to perfectly curated social media feeds.
Go ahead and unfollow people who make you feel bad about yourself like you’re not good enough and unworthy.



Perfectionism can also come from the fear of being judged.
What will people say?
What if they laugh about me?
What if they don’t like it?
You’re always focusing on what could go wrong.



You have to realize that people care way less about you than you think. People are focused on themselves -> they might not even notice what you notice.

They show up to your workshop or read your captions because they want to get the most out for themselves.

Think about yourself: What do you remember from a webinar you’ve attended? The things you’ve learned or that the speaker pronounced a word wrong???

Focus on all the amazing things that could happen if you put your project out there. All the great opportunities and all the people you can help.

Always remember:

Perfectionism is subjective!

What is perfect for you might not be perfect for someone else.

What is not perfect for you might be perfect for someone else.

There is no such thing as PERFECT!

How To Stop Perfectionism Affecting Your Productivity


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