Petra Steinacher

Intensive Session

EUR 200

A 60-minute call with me + one week of follow-up support via Voxer

An Intensive Session is perfect for you if you are a coach or service provider and


  • you have a specific question or struggle you want help with. 
  • you feel overwhelmed and are frustrated with yourself for not getting things done.
    We will have a look at your current situation, and I’ll give you recommendations on how you can improve your energy-, time- & task management.
    These specific action steps will help you reduce the overwhelm and feel more accomplished at the end of your workday.


Petra has helped me so much by automating my business and by creating a structure for me and my team that makes sure we’re always on top of things.

Her strategies and processes are saving me countless hours each week and even more headaches.

Carla Biesinger

Business Mentor