Journal entry September 30th, 2021


I do what feels good for me.

I don’t blindly follow advice (even if it comes from a successful business coach).

I take advice, but I only implement what feels good for me.

I make things my own.


I don’t try to implement every single strategy I find on social media (whether that’s in the area of business, personal development, mindset, and so on).

I get inspired, but I only do what feels good for me.


I don’t stick to strategies that don’t feel right.

I do what feels right for me.


I don’t listen to anyone but my intuition because I wanna create a life & business that I freaking enjoy and that I’m excited to wake up to.


If you want to build a business and life you enjoy and are freaking excited to wake up to, stop following advice that doesn’t feel right and start listening to your intuition.

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