I had this project on my to-do list for months …

I postponed it week after week.

And I felt bad about myself for doing so.


The answer to why you’re procrastinating can sometimes be very simple.


In the past weeks, I took a step back and thought about what I want to do in my business … how I want to run my business.

And it became very clear to me why I procrastinated on this project.

I didn’t feel aligned at all.

I thought I had to do it because I learned about it in a course. But I never asked myself if it feels right for me to do it this way.

So I scratched it from my list and replaced it with something that feels aligned. Something that feels good. And guess what – now I’m excited to work on it.


If you find yourself procrastinating on a project or task, ask yourself:


  • Is this something I actually want to do?
  • Does it feel aligned?
  • Is it something I think I should do because someone told me so?
  • Is it something I think I should do because everyone else is doing it this way?
  • How can I make it different?
  • How can I make this “my way”?
  • Should I scratch this at all?


I know that it’s not always possible to only have projects/tasks on our plate that are exciting.

But we can at least make sure to do these things in a way that feels good for us.

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