Wanna get things done? Set boundaries!


Do you struggle to get things done and be productive?

Do you often feel like there are just not enough hours in the day to get everything thicked of your to-do list?

That’s probably because you don’t have strong boundaries in place.

And by boundaries, I not only mean business boundaries like office hours but also boundaries for your personal life. 


Especially when you work from home, it’s so important to have boundaries for your personal life to get things done.


Maybe it’s you, perhaps you think: I can quickly do the laundry or I can quickly clean the bathroom. These activities easily add up and can take away one hour or more from your work time.

Maybe it’s another person. Perhaps it’s your hubby who asks you to pick something up from the post office.

Or maybe it’s a neighbor who is stopping by to have a chat or coffee because you’re at home anyway so you must have time, right?

Make sure to – in a polite way – tell those people that just because you’re at home, you’re not available all the time.

Tell your neighbor: “I’d love to chat with you. Come over on Saturday morning, and we’ll have a coffee and chat.”


Make sure to have strong boundaries also for your personal life, and you’ll be surprised how much more you get done in a day!


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