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As we are at the start of a new year, I wanna share 3 things that you might be doing to avoid getting the important stuff done. I want you to be aware of those things so that 2022 is the year of huge progress for you.


Checking emails

Checking your emails every 15 minutes keeps you busy and gives you the illusion of being productive. But it’s not what gets you closer to where you wanna be.



You know me – I love planning, but obsessive & detailed planning without taking action won’t get you anywhere. If you spend more time planning than actually doing, you’re busy and not productive.



Growing your knowledge is essential. Whether it’s in your area of expertise, personal development, marketing, … whatever you need to grow your business and as a person. But before you sign up for the next course, ask yourself if you really need this or if you’re just avoiding implementing the information you already have.


These things keep you busy but aren’t getting you closer to your goals.


Focus on what matters!

If you need help with that, I’d love for you to reach out to schedule a call to chat and see how we can work together. I’d love to help you make 2022 the year where you hustle less and live more.

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