People often think that digital clutter doesn’t count. But that’s actually not true. It’s affecting you more than you think. That’s why it’s so important to get rid of digital clutter.


Here are 3 ways digital clutter is affecting you:


It’s overwhelming

Imagine you want to buy a new pair of jeans. You walk into the store and it’s a hot mess. Piles are everywhere. Everything is unorganized. T-shirts are next to summer dresses. And although you know that they sell jeans, you can’t find them anywhere.

It’s overwhelming and frustrating, right?

Your brain feels the same way when you look at an unorganized and cluttered desktop, phone, …


It makes it hard for you to focus

Just like physical clutter around you, digital clutter makes it hard for you to focus.

Unorganized folders, a crowded desktop, countless apps on your phone. And notifications are popping up.


It kills productivity

Everything I said above also affects your productivity. But not only this.

I’m sure there’s a better use of your time than searching for documents for hours.


How can you get rid of digital clutter?


Here are a few areas to start with:

Declutter & organize
→ desktop
→ bookmarks
→ documents & filing structure
→ apps
→ notifications


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